The International Ragdoll Cat Alliance


ATTENTION: Mink, Solid, Sepia, & BEW Ragdoll Breeders and Ragdoll Owners!!!

You are cordially invited, encouraged, and very much welcome to bring your exquisite, perfectly marked kitties to the TICA Cat Show hosted by The Project Meow Club in Brentwood, New York on March 5-6, 2022

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Please bring at least one pointed Ragdoll along with your “nontraditional” Ragdolls. There will be a “New Exhibitor Seminar” just before the show begins to explain scoring, etiquette, and rules. The nonprofit organization, International Ragdoll Cat Alliance (IRCA), has invited and sponsored a judge to conduct a Ragdoll Congress for your pointed Ragdolls on Saturday afternoon. We need to have 25 Ragdolls to run this congress (whole cats ages 8 months and up). Crystal engraved trophies will be awarded to those placing first through third. MASSIVE, elegant lead crystal trophies (first, second, and third place) will ALSO be awarded to Ragdolls who achieve BEST NEW TRAITS!

A judge, who also breeds Ragdolls, will provide written evaluations of your kitties, upon request, during the lunch breaks on both days. There will be a breed seminar conducted on the last day of the show. This discussion will be beneficial, as it will familiarize exhibitors with the current Ragdoll Breed Standard. We will also chat about the importance of voting and maintaining Ragdoll Breed Group Membership.

Bring your beautiful babies out in a TSUNAMI of COLORFUL fluff!

***Contact me, Christine Lupo, via the "Contact Page" in the Menu Bar above, if you would like further information or text me at (631) 848-4526.***


Suffolk Community College

1001 Crooked Hill Road

Brentwood , New York , 11717

United States

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AM: Odette Lamoureux (AB), Vicki Jo Harrison (AB), Harley DeVilbiss (AB), Brenda Russo (AB), Lorraine Shelton (SP)

PM: Robby Whyte (AB), Barbara Kissinger (AB), Tatyana Kalani (AB), Charlotte Shea (AB)

Ragdoll Congress: Vicki Jo Harrison


AM: Robby Whyte (AB), Harley DeVilbiss (AB), Kim Chenault(AB), Christina Baumer (AB), Lorraine Shelton (AB),

PM: Odette Lamoureux (AB), Vicki Jo Harrison (AB), Barbara Kissinger (SP), Christina Baumer (AB)


Project Meow is excited to offer a JE ring each show day. There will be prizes as well.

Each junior exhibitor (Child age 17 and under) can show their cat for $85.00 (limited to one)


Aruba Cat: Artie will be here with his amazing, high quality cat trees and other cat related products. You can call Artie and order ahead for pickup.

Freddy’s Cat-a-Tonic Catnip Toyz: Beds, catnip toys and other cat related items.

This is a pet expo so there are many vendors, and other animals, in the main area as well.


Clerks will be paid $25 per session. ($50 full day) Stewards will be paid $15 a session. ($30 for full day) Clerks & Stewards will be provided lunch.


 $99 plus taxes per night.

La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham

10 Aero Road

Bohemia, NY 11716


***SHOW ENTRY CLOSE DATE is FEBRUARY 28, 2022. IF you are not registered with The Online Entry System (TOES) for entering cats in upcoming shows, click on the following links in order to do so:


Video Tutorial for My TICA & TOES

Video Tutorial for ENTERING a Show


Super Early Bird ends 12/31/2021 at

 Midnight EST

Early Bird ends 1/15/2022 at Midnight


Closing Monday 2/28/2022 at 9PM


Paypal: [email protected]

**Please kindly pay friends & Family**

 so we do not incur fees.

Venmo: Emily-Greene-93634

(Venmo sometimes requests added

 info – 1013).

Two Day Entries--SUPER EARLY BIRD Paid by 12/31/21:

1 Cat in Double        $115

2 Cats in 1 Doubles $215

3 Cats in 2 Doubles $265

4 Cats in 3 Doubles $320

5 Cats in 3 Doubles $400

Two Day Entries --Early Bird Paid

 by 1/15/22::

1 Cat in Double           $140

2 Cats in 1  Double    $260

3 Cats in 2 Doubles    $310

4 Cats in 3 Doubles    $370

5 Cats in 3 Doubles     $470

Two Day Entry Regular Fees::

1 Cat in Double             $160

2 Cats in 1 Double        $290

3 Cats in 2 Doubles      $345

4 Cats in 3 Doubles     $414

5 Catsi in 3 Doubles    $514


Show Administrators:

Entry Clerk:

Kara Nemergut

[email protected]

Show Managers:

David Nudleman

[email protected]

Emily Greene

[email protected]

Phone: 215-514-1013

Show Motto/Theme:

Roaring 20s


Check out the Ragdoll DNA Registry website:


The Ragdoll enthusiasts, and breeders, who founded this Registry share a common goal: to preserve the genetic markers of the purebred Ragdoll feline. By doing this, future Ragdoll owners, breeders, and exhibitors can share the same special experience of living with a true Ragdoll. Without the adherence to genetic standards, the Ragdoll may fall victim to the fate that has occurred with may cat breeds. Most notably, the Ragdoll could become overbred for breed "type" to the extent that they will be inbred, or line-bred, and ultimately changed. This breed registry is an official list of purebred Ragdolls whose parents are known. Futhermore, through the establishment of a genetic signature for Ragdolls, breeders may use DNA testing as a tool to ensure that Ragdolls remain a genetically distinct breed that is differentiated from others, as well as be confident in parentage due to DNA verification, and assured that the felines in this program are of optimal genetic health, or at least made aware of latent mutations that are present. Only responsible breeders will be considered for membership where information pertaining to registered Ragdolls’ genetic health is known and accurate pedigrees are guaranteed.